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“Our kids love taking pictures with Angela, and it's not because they enjoy taking pictures. Angela makes photo sessions relaxed, fun, and not remotely stressful. Which means the pictures turn out fabulous and genuinely capture our kids - looking relaxed and happy because she gave them space to be themselves. She is patient, doesn't force shots, and has a wonderful eye for pictures in urban settings.” 


" Angela took my daughter’s senior photos last year and I could not have been more pleased. She has such a unique and original “eye” when it comes to capturing photographs. She takes such great time and effort to truly capture the essence of the individual. I can’t wait to have her photograph my son in two years!! "

— Anne

"Angela captures the moment: the teen, the family, the setting, the season. Somehow she gets the eagerness and pride and angst in the frame. I love the way she uses natural light. The way the features of each child are their fullest, the way I know them and want to remember them. Her pictures pull all my emotional heartstrings and I’m grateful to have the memories at hand. "






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